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Are you in search for an erotic and sensual massage? Are you living in London? Do you wish to uplift your sensual moods? We offer the best tantric therapy in London. Our masseuses will always be there when you need them. Just make a phone call and the team within your area will be at your service. Whether you are in a hotel or at home, we will be there.

What is tantric massage?

Tantra massage is a unique form of massage that combines both sexual energy with traditional massage. The main objective of performing tantric massage is to awaken the seven energy centres along the spine. Once this energy is unlocked, it will flow through your body from starting at the base of the spine and flowing to all parts of the body.

What is the importance of Tantra massage?

There are many compelling reasons as to why your body needs tantric massage but we will address the main ones:

The massage improves breathing techniques. While performing tantra massage, breathing techniques are often brought in. This enhances the flow of energy through the body. Moreover, when performed regularly tantra massage will improve alertness and endurance level when exercising.

Just like any other kind of massage, tantra massage relaxes the body. What makes it unique is that it can be used to heal emotional pain. In fact, most people claim to feel less guilty after a tantra session while others will end up feeling more energetic.

When performed between lovers, it strengthens their connection hence creating a more intimate romance. This is probably the reason why one is advised to alert the masseuse incase the session becomes too intimate.

Types of Tantra massage

Tantric massage London Company will offer four kinds of tantric massage to its clients:

Nuru massage

In this therapy a lot of sliding and movements are involved hence the name Nuru. Here instead of rubbing the body using oils, a specific kind of get is used. The gel is made from sea-weed and it originated from Japan.

Body to Body massage

In full, it is called Body to Body therapy. It is very erotic and sensual since the body of your masseuse will touch yours.

Lingam massage

This is a unique massage carried out on the male genitals. Let Tantric massage London company worship your male genitals today.

Prostate massage

Just from the name, it is quite obvious that this massage is carried out on the prostate gland. By massaging this spot, you will experience optimum pleasure.

Is tantra massage suitable for everyone?

If you are above 18 years of age, you are good to go. Tantric massage is best for those who desire to experience extreme levels of pleasure, want to relieve off some pain or stress and those who want to try out something new. We will ensure that each of the session is unique and unforgettable. We have the best masseuses in London who will unleash Tantric techniques that you have never encountered before. Always feel free to give us a call at any time of the day. In addition, all the sessions will be 100% private. Anything that happens remains between two adults.


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