Finding an Incall and Outcall Tantric Massage in W2 and taking Massage To The Next Level

Trying to find a Tantric massage London in w2 ?

Spending time by it’s self is a benefit so take a trip into Central London and if you are staying in a hotel in w2, you can also book a tantric therapist to visit you in your own hotel room, so if you are in London and looking for a tantric massage in W2 look no further we offer incall and outcall massage services. Tantric Massage therapy can be a great benefit to the mind and the body but Tantric massage takes massage to the next level. This is accomplished by taking a traditional massage methods and mixing in sexual energy.

The goal is, through the combining of ones sexual energy and massage techniques one can awaken the 7 chakras that are located along ones spine. Through the use of massage the chakras can align and release the energy from within. When this happens the pent up energy to flow freely through the body. The massage starts at the base of spine and then works across the rest of the entire body. The aim of Tantric massage is to untangle any blocked energy and release the Kundalini, the mythological energy throughout to sleep at the base of the spine. Once the Kundalini has woken from it’s slumber it rises and spreads throughout the remainder of the body cultivating natural healing.

Tantric massage can be very intense and often results in climax. This should be taken into consideration when receiving a massage from a therapist. At our Tantric massage Salon in London w2 professionalism is a top priority. Tantric massage is often practiced between two lovers and more emphasis is placed on the sexual pleasure aspect of the massage.