Tantric Massage in London W2

Tantric Massage in London W2

Experience a true essence of a London tantric massage with The Tantric Temple. Our intoxicating mosel masseuses are experts at the art of tantric massage and your satisfaction is guaranteed!
If you are close to Paddington, Bayswater, Notting Hill or Hyde Park then call us today and boo your incall tantric massage in London W2.



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Calls cost 50p per minute plus ‘Access Charge’. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Calls are recorded. (Required for live services). Service provided by Datapro Services Ltd. Customer Careline: 0203 455 2145.


Model Masseuses

Search from the best tantric masseuses in London. Here are a selection of our beautiful model masseuses to see them all click here or on any of the photos below




Tantric Massage

The ultimate in erotic massages to get your pulse racing. Not for the feint hearted.

Sensual Massage

Relax and relax a little bit more. Succumb to the gentle touch of our  beautiful masseuses.

Massage in London

Where ever you are in London we can accommodate you. Incall or Outcall Massage


Incall and Outcall Tantric Massage in W2

Finding an Incall and Outcall Tantric Massage in W2 and taking Massage To The Next Level

Trying to find a Tantric massage London in w2 ?

Spending time by it’s self is a benefit so take a trip into Central London and if you are staying in a hotel in w2, you can also book a tantric therapist to visit you in your own hotel room, so if you are in London and looking for a tantric massage in W2 look no further we offer incall and outcall massage services. Tantric Massage therapy can be a great benefit to the mind and the body but Tantric massage takes massage to the next level. This is accomplished by taking a traditional massage methods and mixing in sexual energy.

The goal is, through the combining of ones sexual energy and massage techniques one can awaken the 7 chakras that are located along ones spine. Through the use of massage the chakras can align and release the energy from within. When this happens the pent up energy to flow freely through the body. The massage starts at the base of spine and then works across the rest of the entire body. The aim of Tantric massage is to untangle any blocked energy and release the Kundalini, the mythological energy throughout to sleep at the base of the spine. Once the Kundalini has woken from it’s slumber it rises and spreads throughout the remainder of the body cultivating natural healing.

Tantric massage can be very intense and often results in climax. This should be taken into consideration when receiving a massage from a therapist. At our Tantric massage Salon in London w2 professionalism is a top priority. Tantric massage is often practiced between two lovers and more emphasis is placed on the sexual pleasure aspect of the massage.



Best Tantric Massage in London

Visit The Tantric Temple and experience the absolute best tantric massage in London. Our beautiful model masseuses await your pleasure.

The best tantric massage in London is a mind blowing intimate encounter allowing deeper exploration of oneself both as a person and as a spiritual entity. Get an experience that you will relive and look back on it every afternoon with an unimaginable extraordinary memory. A simple recall of the moment will produce orgasmic quivers. Tantra Massage here at the tantric massage W2 is a vehicle provided for addressing total awareness and needs of your body, with its particular unique purpose and rhythm combining both traditional massage techniques and sexual energy to awaken your seven energy centres called chakra.


Start your journey now improve your breathing techniques while relaxing the mind and body and still create sexual arousal among other benefits.


Outcall Massage London W2

The outcall massage London W2 provides the most authentic Tantric massage you will ever experience. It brings your emotional and spiritual, as well as physical status to its peaks. The harmony of your body and mind will be restored to a balanced mode. The sensitivity of your body, stimulated by the massage, will be boosted in a way that your senses will expel traces of stress and anxiety.

The relaxing sensation is provided by the trained tantric masseuses of London W2, and creates the unique experience of balance and harmony of mind, body and perceptions. The method allows for the senses to be driven beyond boundaries. The nerve endings on your skin surface will react in a pleasant, emotional way, also adding certain sophistication to the whole range of sensations you experience during the fantastic procedure.

The blissful perceptions have covered the complete emotional scale of your body and mind.

Massage London W2

Explore Your Sensuality: They say the conversation between your skin and someone else’s fingers is the most important discussion you can ever have. At the point where a soft and gentle pair of hands meet your skin there is release; a release of pent up stress, pressure and emotions that are cluttering your body and spirit. And as the session continues and you become more aware of both your body and the sensations, you begin to surrender to ecstasy and explore your sensuality. And as the playful portal to potency, pleasure and passion is opened, your spirit is elevated and your mind is relaxed. All you have to do is close your eyes as you’re transported in to another dimension where the inner life force lying dominant within you is awakened.

So why not treat yourself to a massage London W2 that will leave your mind purring with ecstasy? Whether you want to explore your sensuality or escape reality, you deserve it.



Benefits of a Tantric Massage

Tantric massage brings with it many benefits. Most commonly associated with Tantric massage is the sexual arousal. When used by lovers the sexual arousal is physically pleasing but also strengthens the bond between the two lovers. With climax also come the feel good hormones released in the brain when orgasm is achieved.

Another benefit of Tantric massage is improved and more productive breathing methods. When pranayama, or breathing techniques are combined with massage it helps to facilitate the movement of energy throughout the body. As the energy spreads through the body a state of relaxation is achieved, this can also help promote timely healing in the body after injury or illness. Practicing the pranayama techniques in general helps to lower stress and calm the mind. It also allows the body to achieve climax faster.

After the tangled energy is released and spread out through the body relaxation sets in. This ultimately relaxes the mind and the bods. Many participants claim that Tantric massage heavily contributes to the emotional state to be treated and improved upon. when mind, body and soul connect on the deepest level, the body and mind then become intertwined in harmony.

Other benefits include the ability to treat mental illness, help men with erectile dysfunction, helps treat premature ejaculation, strengthens the body’s core, promotes fertility in both male and female and can also detoxify the body. Tantric massage can be so much more than massage and climax. Tantric massage allows you to free yourself in numerous ways all the while you are reaping the health benefits and enjoying the process. Not to mention Tantric massage is just another activity that can be shared by lovers.

It is enjoyable to connect with that special someone, experience pleasure and be totally relaxed all at the same time. Tantric massage is an exciting alternative to traditional massages and adds a little spice to life. After all, variety is called the spice of life. Tantric massage London w2, Tantric massage at it’s best.